Jewelry Care

Our jewelry is made in small batches with attention to detail and quality materials. Our Pieces are made from sterling silver, or brass. Please reference individual descriptions for specific product information. While it’s completely acceptable to wear your Cancer Canknot jewelry 24/7, we wouldn't be doing our job if we didn’t share how to keep your pieces in the best condition possible.

To keep your pieces in the best possible condition, please reference below check-list:

  • After each wear, gently wipe make-up and skin oils off with a soft non-abrasive cloth.
  • Once in awhile, use a generic micro fiber cloth to remove any oxidation or tarnish marks. Gently rub across the surface until the shine has been restored.
  • Store your clean & dry jewelry in a clean zip lock bag or air-tight container to prevent tarnish and oxidation
  • Remove jewelry before entering water (i.e. shower, hot tubs, pools & ocean)
  • As metal and gems are quite delicate, remove your jewelry when applying sprays, perfumes lotions and any other chemicals
  • Take your jewelry off before bed

We would love to see how you wear your new piece!

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Thank you for your purchase! Every piece of jewelry at Cancer Canknot is made one-by-one and handcrafted with love.